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Xtraordinary People has united the leading dyslexia charities and Patoss in supporting this campaign. As a result, XP has won backing from Government to fund an initiative, No to Failure. The preliminary evaluation has demonstrated the link between children failing and dyslexia. 55 per cent of children who fail their Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) are at risk of dyslexia or specific learning difficulties (SpLD).

The No to Failure Interim Evaluation Report showed

  • 1,341 pupils were screened in Years 3 and 7 in 20 schools across three different local authorities in England.

  • 21% of pupils screened using a variety of psychometric tests were found to be at risk of dyslexia/SpLD.

  • The percentage of children found to be at risk was very similar in all three LEAs, even though they differed socio-economically.

  • 55% of all pupils who failed national Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) were found to be at risk of dyslexia/SpLD.

This is an interim report on the screening phase of the study, which has been followed by an intervention phase using control groups that will be reported in the autumn.

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