Influential Development

How it all came about...

As a mother of four dyslexic sons with a busy lifestyle, I seemed to accidentally find practitioners, teachers and various ways to help my children. Already a teacher, I researched further and eventually squeezed the time to study for a diploma to teach dyslexic children. However, teaching one’s own children with dyslexia is not easy and I eventually decided to hand the job to someone else and stay with the role of mother. My own part time teaching funded teachers’ other programmes and professionals to reduce the impact of their dyslexia. For me, it was all about knowing exactly what was available quickly. Did the practitioners live close by? Could I afford them? What could I find out about the techniques they used, what was involved and how useful and trustworthy they were?

Essentially, it was about doing lots of research, finding if the help was nearby, getting value for money and knowing my options to make decisions.

A chance thought about a website to provide all of these things has now become a reality. Hopefully, it will make the job of finding help for children with dyslexia and a host of other conditions easier for parents and focus their research in the right direction.

We would welcome any feedback you may have about the site and any ways you feel we could improve the facilities.

 Through the Eyes of a Child

Fierce the struggle to read, write,
Tears splashed blurring the print
Embarrassment burned a scarlet face
Head throbbed with heaviness.
Failure was mine!
Through the eyes of a child!

Sons so bonny and bright,
Mirrored failure once mine.
Frustration bore angry tears,
The listeners did not hear.
Failure was theirs!
Through the eyes of a child!

A Patch is born for the children,
Roots to reach the honest and true.
Are there passionate people with skills?
Have they integrity and good heart?
Failure to be tamed!
Through the eyes of the children.

Brenda Self

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