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A one stop resource centre for Early Intervention

"Please note that this is a new website and we are currently gathering together resource material. It will take time to build up our list of practitioners and specialists available around the country so we ask that you bear with us as we collate these details."

The Learning Patch is a one-stop resource, aimed at empowering parents, carers and teachers.

It is designed to provide self-help and practical advice for people whose children or relatives have a specific physical or behavioral condition.

We aim to provide early intervention, and to provide guidance and information about relevant practitioners, specialists and suitable therapies and treatments.

Our map system will help to point you in the right direction so that you can find someone helpful in your particular area.

   N E W S

Xtraordinary People is a charitable initiative supported by leading dyslexia charities and famous dyslexics alike. ‘Changing the face of dyslexia’ means highlighting dyslexic children's talents and strengths, campaigning for teachers to be trained to recognise and support dyslexic children's... more >>
Xtraordinary People has united the leading dyslexia charities and Patoss in supporting this campaign. As a result, XP has won backing from Government to fund an initiative, No to Failure. The preliminary evaluation has demonstrated the link between children failing and dyslexia. 55 per cent of children who fail their Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) are at risk of dyslexia or specific learning difficulties... more >>

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