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Judith Bell
Judith has worked with individuals with learning difficulties for 30 years. She worked for Bury Social services and Bolton Education Authority before gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1993 and a Post graduate Diploma in dyslexia (Sp »

James Billett
James Billett Clinic Director.
James has an extensive background of teaching experience including twenty as a Special Needs Coordinator in a Secondary School. James developed an individualised approach of investigation and intervention, based on t »

Dr Christian Farthing
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The Canterbury Health and Spine Centre is the First Award Winning Spinal Healt Practice in Kent. It currently serves more than 3,500 very satisfied families. As a leader in children's health, the »

Elaine Harris
With over 18 years experience in the healing arts and performance enhancement, Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion and warmth to her treatments and training programmes.

Originally trained in the hotel and catering industry Elain »

Joan Hillary
My name is Joan Hillary. My background is Education. (Qualifications B.A., Adv. Dip. Ed., EAID) I am a certificated Irlen practitioner who has twenty two years experience of working with people who have Irlen syndrome. Irlen syndrome is a visual p »

Sue Holden
I am an Irlen Diagnostician having trained under the guidance of Tina Yates who is the present Director of Irlen East.

Born in 1958 I am the Mother of three sons who are all now adults. Two of the boys have ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and  »

Stephanie Jamison
Irlen Diagnostician »

Sue Lewis-Jones
Sue has been a firm believer in the Irlen Method since becoming an Irlen Screener in 2006. As a teacher working in the Special Educational Needs department of a large secondary school before retirement, she has screened students of all ages and abili »

Marita McGeady
Irlen Diagnostician »

Liz McKelvie
My name is Liz McKelvie I am an Irlen Diagnostician and the ara of the Uk I cover is Scotland. I came to Irlen very much be chance, both my son and myself have Dyslexia and when he was 7 (now 20) I decided to have Irlen carried out as part of a range »

David Rawcliffe
Clinical Director »

Brenda Self
Spld Teacher Assessor

Irlen Screener
I trained as an Irlen Screener(2000) to diagnose and assess the extent to which an individual suffers from Irlen syndrome. Individuals with this problem see the printed page differently, although they »

Celia Stone
Irlen Diagnostician

Irlen Syndrome symptoms may include poor depth perception, strain/fatigue when reading, attention deficit, contrast/colour sensitivity, restricted visual span, inefficient reading and distortions of print, e.g. movement,  »

Moira Usher
Irlen Diagnostician

Moira taught music in high schools then retrained for special needs. She was a SENCO in 3 schools and has worked as a Special Needs Officer for Suffolk. She has been an Irlen screener for 25 years and a Diagnostician fo »

Tina Yates
Tina Yates is an Irlen Diagnostician based in Bury St Edmunds although she works in a much wider area, sometimes traveling to clients homes.

An Irlen Screener is certified to administer the first testing session and determine whether an ind »



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